Clean Caffeine!

It is nearly the end of the month and we cannot wait to see who wins a free housecleaning!  ($100 value)  All you have to do is like two of our Facebook posts each week to be eligible! (You must be a recurring customer who has used our services in the last three months.)

Housekeeping Tip:
Keep your coffee tasting fresh and delicious by cleaning your coffee maker once a month.  All you have to do is pour undiluted vinegar into it like you are making a pot coffee, you don’t need a filter for this. Run the machine as normal.  Repeat this as many times as needed with new vinegar until it runs clear without any calcium deposits in it. Be sure to run it through once with regular water to rinse the vinegar out!

If you have stains in your toilet and you don’t want to scrub them away, pour a can of cola into the bowl and let it sit for 2-3 hours. After you flush, give the bowl a swipe with a toilet brush and you’re done!

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Thanks from the Perfect Shine Housekeeping Family!


  1. Always such good cleaning tips! Love the green-ness! 🙂

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