Adventures as a Perfect Shine Intern

It is nearing the end of summer.  For some this means the start of school, for others it is just a change in the weather.  For us here at Perfect Shine, it meant saying, “See you later” to our summer interns. Here is a glimpse of what this summer was like for one of our amazing interns, Susan:

On my last days here at Perfect Shine Housekeeping, I found myself feeling surprisingly (not to mention prematurely!) nostalgic. When I started as an intern (customer service representative) back in June, I chalked it up to a solid summer job from which I might learn some good skills. In a sense I was right, but it turned out to be so much more than that. What I learned from PSH and what I’ll take with me into my final year of college and to future jobs are excellent customer service, small-business, and overall office skills, all of which I heavily improved upon during my time at Perfect Shine

Let’s start with Nike and Eric – potentially the nicest, most hard-working people you will meet. They single-handedly run one of the best housekeeping services in the Bay Area, and do so with a smile on their faces.  As a customer service representative, a strong majority of the calls I received from customers were happy ones. Of course there were the occasional calls from disgruntled customers (who hasn’t dealt with those? All the better to learn from!), but for the most part, Perfect Shine makes people pretty darn happy.

Aside from liking Nike and Eric as people, I appreciated their management style as bosses, which is what enabled me to learn as much as I did. I have worked in administrative assistant-type jobs before, but I never worked with such a variety of programs and on so many independent projects.

Additionally, I got first-hand experience of what it’s like to run a small business, which I know is invaluable. Often times I was in the office alone while Nike and Eric had to manage issues out in the field. In the beginning, this was mortifying – I thought I was going to run the business into the ground. However, after just a couple stints on my own, I felt at ease addressing customer issues and representing Perfect Shine. Interns also always had the option of working on side-projects in areas of their choosing. I helped draft a Handbook for interns and write customer letters, while other interns Ben and Katy helped update the website or design a door-hanger. Everyone had a role in the company, which was really exciting.

And finally, let me say this about Perfect Shine: everybody who works there – from management to cleaners and interns – wants to do a good job. Nobody’s a slacker, and everybody works toward the goal of best serving the customers. PSH really reinforced integrity, perseverance, and the importance of providing unbeatable customer service.

Oh, and one last thing. We went Bocce-balling. Honestly, what more could you ask for from a summer job?

Thank you to all of our interns for the hard work and outstanding effort you gave this summer!!

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