five ways to keep your car Perfect Shine Clean :)

  • You never know when an accident or spill will happen in the car, especially when eating or drinking on the go.  For this reason, it is a great idea to keep wet wipes, hand sanitizer and napkins in your car.  The quicker you get to the mess, the less time stains have to set in.
  • Pay attention to where you park!  Oftentimes, people like to park in the shade or closest to wherever they are going.  However, if you are under a tree, it is more likely that birds will handle their business on your car.  Walking an extra 30 seconds from a spot a little bit further away is well worth it.
  • With the inconsistent weather the Bay Area provides in January, it is always great to make sure that your windows are clean to make it easier on the eyes while driving.  For the outside, soapy water with a window cleaning tool works best.  For the inside, a window cleaner such as Windex works well with paper towels.  Be sure to do all of the cleaning in one direction!
  • When you notice that debris is building up on the floor or seats of your car, take a hand mini vac to attack that area – it will not take longer than a few minutes and your car will look spectacular
  • Something my mom does to keep the car smelling fresh is this: put a dryer sheet underneath the front seats of the car.  It does not stain the way some oils and sprays do and the fresh scent lasts for weeks!

I really hope this was helpful – let us know what you think!

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