Be Green @ Home – Bark up the right tree

Having a dog is great for your outlook on the environment.  It keeps you in touch with nonhuman (who don’t consume and littler)  and also with nature (during park runs, yard play and treks on snowy trails)  But walking a dog comes with specific environmental responsibilities. 

Walk your pup the green way, while Perfect Shine Housekeeping cleans your home with our new (method) cucumber multi purse cleaner!!

1)   Use a collar and leach made from an organic material like hemp, instead of more commonly sold nylon.  Nylon produces the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide when being manufactured and takes much longer to decompose than hemp.

2) If you have a backyard, scoop poop into special biodegradable bags then busy the bags in your yard.  That way the poop will decompose quickly on it own and not stick around for a lifetime in the plastic bag in the dumb.

 Biodegradable bags are used  for food scarps by Perfect Shine Housekeeping while we clean homes.   Call us at 1-866-370-0419 for our Mint Green- Initial cleaning for an additional $25.


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