Green Clean Shave

shaving scuttle?

shaving scuttle? (Photo credit: scottfeldstein)

Shaving is a big deal.  For guys the first time tends to be a whole rite of passage, signifying the transformation from boy to man.  And the way guys grow out their facial hair, from goatee to sideburns, is a big part of expressing their personality.  For girls shaving means the difference between wearing that new skirt or throwing on those old pair of  jeans.  And when it becomes bikini time, it’s like half of a girl’s beauty regimen.  Shaving also takes a toll on the environment.  That doesn’t mean you should become a hairy-legged person, just take your hair removal to a greener level!!

Most people use disposable razors when they shave.  Disposable razors are not recyclable, plastic also it takes a lot of energy to manufacture.  American’s dispose about 2 billion razors every year which wind up in the dump.  The best and easiest alternative is to buy a long lasting permanent razor with refillable blades. 

And you thought we will tell you not to shave? 🙂  Happy Friday!!

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