Remove Stains… The Green Way!

We’ve all got dirt that we can’t sweep under the rug… because it’s ON the rug. But how to get it out. We’ve found some recipes for greener, safer, DIY stain removers to try for just about any stain under the sun.

  • Washing Soda– This stuff is the heavy hitter in the stain fighting world. Combine washing soda with a little water to make a paste and use it to fight these stains:
    • Wine
    • Berries
    • Grease Stains
    • Blood & Other Proteins
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Most Food
    • Sweat
    • Urine – Ewhh.
  • Borax – because of its alkalinity it dissolves acidic and protein stains. So it can tackle the stains listed above. But be careful when using it, because if ingested it can be harmful. It also does wonders on mildew!
  • Vegetable Oil – great for removing gummy labels and stickers… which are so annoying.
  • Vinegar– obviously a mild acid, and therefore great for removing stains like:
    • Grass
    • Rust
    • Paint
    • Ink
  • Glycerin – this sticky and slippery substance is best used on oily or waxy stains – like lipstick!
  • Club Soda – this old trick will remove most of the same stains as washing soda. Options for application include spraying it on, dumping it on, or moistening a cloth with it to scrub away stains!

One tip that may seem counter-intuitive:

When soaking or rinsing stain—especially proteins like blood—only use COLD water, never hot water. The heat will only cook the proteins and set the stain!

Do you have any recipes for removing stubborn stains? If so share them with us, we’d love to get tips from our readers. Keep an eye out for tips on de-cluttering and home organizing in the coming weeks!


  1. Great post about stains – I’ve bookmarked this, as I hope to use it in one of my upcoming posts – I’ll let you know when I use it, although I bet you’d get a pingback anyway, right? Being new to blogging, I’m never quite sure! I have the washing soda and borax since I recently made my first batch of laundry soap (love it!).

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