Product Review: Skoy Cleaning Cloths

These little cloths are fantastic. Skoy cleaning cloths a biodegradable replacement for paper towels and sponges. We’ve tried other reusable cleaning cloths and have been disappointed with their durability. But the Skoy cloths appear to be standing up to the test.

To use them, you simply wet them a little, then wipe a surface clean. You can use cleaners to help get the job done (like our DIY all purpose spray) better. To clean the cloths simply put them in your dishwasher, washer/dryer, or microwave them when WET for 1-2 minutes (caution they must be wet to prevent fires, and they can be very hot when microwaved so be careful)!

Skoy cloths are best used on hard surfaces, but if you want to wipe down upholstery with them, we recommend (and so does the manufacturer) using the white skoy cloths to avoid any dye transfer. We love to use them for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, floors, patio furniture, just about anything. Each Skoy cloth saves about 15 rolls of paper towels (and at a little over a $1 per cloth) that saves you multiple kinds of green–money and trees! They get a thumbs up from Perfect Shine.

Have you tried Skoy cloths before? Let us know what you think!

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