Product Review: Flip & Tumble Reusable Produce Bags

Tired of cheap produce bags tearing and breaking on their way from the store to your fridge? Are you sick of rummaging through the heap of plastic bags that have taken residence in the cabinet beneath your sink every time you need dish soap or a sponge? Or are you trying to cut back on waste and make some more sustainable purchasing habits? Consider using reusable produce bags for your next trip to the store or your local farmers market. We love Flip & Tumble’s pack of five reusable mesh bags for only $10 on Amazon. These see-through bags are made of sturdy polyester and are machine washable… and don’t worry we’ve put them to the test and they hold up!

These bags by Flip & Tumble are 12″x14″ in size, capable of holding quite a few apples, heads of broccoli, or whatever you need to get dinner together this week. They have adorable color coded tags to help keep your shopping organized. Another great thing about these bags is they are useful for so much more than just produce! Try using them to organize and store shoes, cosmetics, accessories, and travel items!

Would you want to switch to reusable produce bags?


  1. I might have to give these a try when I have more money!

  2. Nice produce bags, I love the design! I always use my reusable produce bags from they are made of organic cotton and really strong.

    • Perfect Shine Housekeeping says:

      Thanks for sharing this product! Organic cotton produce bags are a great alternative to disposable bags! We’ve seen hemp ones too!

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