Make Grocery Shopping A Breeze: Plan It!

Shopping List

Shopping List (Photo credit: Ex-Smith)

Remembering what to buy when you stop at the store on your way home from work can be frustrating – I know it usually ends with me kicking myself for forgetting the one ingredient I needed to make dinner! And if shopping itself isn’t stressful enough, figuring out what to cook can be even more of a hassle. So eliminate the stress of putting dinner on the table, and save some money for more enjoyable things by adopting a new habit: plan a menu every week and write your shopping list ahead of time!

When you go into the grocery store without a menu in mind or even a list, you often end up leaving with food that will go to waste—costing you some serious $$$. The simple solution is to pick a night of the week (like Sunday) to plan out a menu for your family for the week. Then based on what you have in the house and your menu, write a shopping list. We’ve even created a few planning tools to ease the process. Download our Menu Planner to plan out your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks for the week, then using our Shopping List figure out what it is you’ll need to pick up on your way home from work.

Planning takes away the stress of deciding what to cook and what to buy, and it ends up saving you time and money! If you are looking for more ways to get organized and simplify your life so you have time for the good stuff (having fun with your family and friends) here are some blogs (besides our’s!) that we recommend:

Let us know how the planning goes, and share some of your tips with us!


  1. Good tips. 🙂

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