Making A Move? Do it Greener With These 10 Tips!

It is inevitable that at some point you will be faced with the ordeal of moving to a new home. Whether you are moving across the street, across town, or across the country the process can be stressful, expensive, and, well, tough on the environment. Make the move easier on your nerves, your wallet, and the planet with these 10 tips!

  1. Declutter before you move. This makes sense, the less stuff you take with you, the less stuff you have to pay to ship and then unpack! Try decluttering in stages—it will help to keep it more manageable. Read some more decluttering tips here.
  2. Give away unwanted items and donate to tax-deductible charities. This goes along with decluttering. Donate items that you don’t want anymore but that others may have use for!
  3. Buy used furniture. Craigslist is a godsend for people on a budget; you can find great deals just about anywhere in the country. If you are moving a long distance, consider selling your furniture on Craigslist and then buying new used pieces in your new town.
  4. Use greener boxes. Pick up free used boxes from grocery stores, office supply places, or even Craigslist, or use a box rental service like Rent A Green Box. This company offers durable reusable boxes made from recycled plastic that they drop off to your home and pick up at your new location.
  5. Use greener packing materials. Choose biodegradable packing materials if you have to buy new, or be creative and use clothing, towels, blankets, pillows, and sheets to protect your goods (you’ll have to move these anyway). If you move often, consider saving old packing materials for reuse.
  6. Optimize your transportation. Depending on the weight and amount of stuff to be moved, you have several options that can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment. You may decide to tow a small trailer with your vehicle, drive a truck and tow your car, or use a moving pod.
  7. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Whether you are hiring a cleaning crew to clean both your old and home or DIY’ing it, make sure to use green cleaning supplies! We’ve shared loads of recipes on our blog to clean just about any mess, and at Perfect Shine, our housekeepers always practice green cleaning for our clients. Be sure to look at local housekeeping companies in your new neighborhood that offer green cleaning services!
  8. Cut down on junk mail post move. When taking care of forwarding all your mail to a new address be sure to remove yourself from paper-based billing, unwanted credit card offers, and other junk mail lists… might as well!
  9. Move to a greener city. This may not be an option depending on why you are moving, but choose a new city or neighborhood that values public transportation, has an established recycling and compost program, and makes protecting the community and the environment a top priority. This results in greener living and usually a better quality of life!
  10. Make a commitment to live more simply. As you are settling into your new digs, the time is ripe for creating a plan to live a more simple and less consumptive lifestyle. Set goals for purchases for your new house and even things like your wardrobe (e.g. one thing in means one (or two!) thing(s) out). Preventing the buildup of clutter and stuff will make your next move even easier!

Do you have any ideas for making a move greener?


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