Product Review: Method Bathroom Cleaner

This week we are reviewing Method’s Bathroom Cleaner that comes in a delicious eucalyptus mint scent. Cleaning bathrooms is not generally enjoyable, but this spray helps to take some of the pain away! Method designed the cleaner for tub/tile use but we’ve also cleaned the toilet and bathroom floor with it—fewer products saves time and money! To clean your tub simply spray the cleaner on, then let it sit for a few minutes. After it has had some time to work its magic, wipe away the soap scum and mildew with a paper towel or with a reusable one like Skoy Cloths. Method’s Bathroom Cleaner really does reduce the amount of elbow grease required for scrubbing a tub or shower. But if your tub is in need of seriously deep cleaning we recommend using a DIY scrub to help tackle the mess (see recipe here).

So Method’s Bathroom Cleaner works great on any tiled or porcelain surface (meaning your tub, shower, floors, and commode) that needs a mild to moderate cleaning. It smells amazing, leaving you in a more pleasant mood to enjoy your clean bathroom. Oh and it’s relatively affordable at $4.99 a bottle. We give it a solid thumbs-up!

Have you used Method’s Bathroom Cleaner before? What did you think of it? Do you have any products you want us to test out?


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