Save Money & Reduce Your Waste By Using Reusable Swiffer Mop Pads!

Earlier this week we shared a recipe for cleaning your wood floors safely and naturally, and we suggested using something like a Swiffer to get the job done. While we (and a lot of other people for that matter) love using a Swiffer, we don’t love the cost of replacement pads, and we certainly don’t support creating more waste for landfills. But luckily a few great reusable alternatives exist! One option that has received a lot of great reviews is Black Diamond’s Microfiber Mop Pad. A 3-pack is $10.96 on Amazon, and each pad is said to last at least 100 washings! That is the equivalent to 300 Swiffer pads. On sale, Swiffer’s dry mop pads are $11.98 for a 48-pack (so about 6 times more costly)!

We love the tabs that help keep the mop head in place and the fact that this mop pad can be used as both a dry and wet mop! Another option to consider is a hand-knit reusable mop pad from Etsy. For only $4.50 (including shipping) you can call this adorable mop pad your official cleaning buddy:

Another handmade option, but of the fleece and flannel variety are these Tangerine Reusable Wet/Dry Mop Pads from Moo Cow Momma! You get 4 mop pads for only $14.99 (2 wet and 2 dry pads). The creator of these fun pads has even added a soft and harder scrubber to each of the wet pads for tough-to-remove dirt!

So give reusable Swiffer pads a try—they will definitely save you money, and they are a step in the right direction for the environment! Have you tried reusable Swiffer pads before? Which ones worked for you?


  1. sweetpea2200 says:

    I just used a regular washcloth, poked it in the holes like a swiffer pad, mopped the floor and then dropped it is the washer.

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