Build Your Housekeeping Library: Apartment Therapy!

We could all use some advice, or better yet a treatment plan, to heal our battered homes (well they may not be totally battered, but life often leaves them a little neglected)! That is exactly what Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s book, Apartment Therapy, is for small spaces! In 12 chapters Maxwell helps you assess your home’s health and then guides you through an 8-week cure.

The first two chapters introduces you to the concept of therapy for your living space by sharing stories of homes Maxwell has cured. The author explains how and why different homes experience different physical, emotional (yes our physical environment has emotional impacts), and energy issues. Chapter 3 is all about listening to your apartment and resources included are: a questionnaire to help you decide on your personal decorating style, and a diagnosis of your homes major issues to help determine “the cure.” Chapters 4 through 11 take you through the 8-week cure based on the diagnosis from Chapter 3. In Chapter 12 Maxwell gives advice on ongoing maintenance for your recently cured home!

We love that this book covers issues especially troublesome for small spaces, like clutter and how to choose colors without overwhelming the space! Another crucial feature of Apartment Therapy is the pace of the cure. It is not an overwhelming decluttering and decorating binge. But rather a retraining of the way you see, experience, and feel about your home—meaning the changes you make during the program are likely to stick! The book is a steal at $10.20 on Amazon—certainly much more affordable than hiring a consultant or designer to do the work! There is even a companion website full of design inspiration and tutorials that you can check out here.

Could your home use a little therapy?

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