How To Naturally Clean Your Washing Machine!


One of the 1st washing machines of Constructa

One of the 1st washing machines of Constructa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It may seem silly to devote attention to an appliance responsible for cleaning your clothes, but washing machines can build up mildew, dirt, and grime over time. Giving your machine a quick cleanup twice a year (or more as needed) will keep it running smoothly and looking like new!  This routine should require only 15 minutes of your time after the tub has run a cleaning cycle.




  • Vinegar
  • All Purpose Spray – Like the recipe we shared with you before. You can see  it here!
  • Clean Rag




  1. Clean the Tub. Pour two cups of vinegar into the tub, and run the washing machine through a complete cycle on the hottest setting to remove odors, stains and detergent build up.
  2. Clean the Exterior. Wipe down the exterior of the washing machine using your all purpose spray.
  3. Clean the Lid or Door. Using the all purpose spray clean up the door. To remove detergent buildup and mildew scrub the edge of the door with vinegar.
  4. Clean the Bleach and Fabric Softener Trays. Take the bleach and fabric softener dispensers out of the machine, and scrub them in the sink. Dry them thoroughly before returning them to the machine.


Have you ever cleaned your washing machine?


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