DIY Potpourri: Keep Your House Smelling Fresh Year Round!

With Fall fast approaching we are excited about all the scents of the season. We came across a recipe for creating your own Fall potpourri, so we decided to share it (and a few others for each of the seasons)! Simply click on the title or the picture to go to the original tutorial!

DIY: Autumn in a Jar

This sweet little tutorial comes from Fancy House Road, and as they suggests would make a great gift!

DIY: Autumn in a Jar by Fancy House Road

DIY: Winter Pine Potpourri

Brianne DiSylvester wrote this recipe for Organic Authority.

DIY Pine Potpourri by Brianne DiSylvester for Organic Authority

DIY “Yearning for Spring” Potpourri

This potpourri will have you as the title suggests yearning for Spring! The tutorial comes from Gail’s Garden at Heartsease Cottage.

DIY Yearning for Spring Potpourri by Gail’s Garden at Heartsease Cottage, Photo from Dangerous Creation

Citrus Summer Potpourri

The citrus aromas of this potpourri are great for summer! Recipe comes from Better Homes & Gardens!

Citrus Summer Potpourri by Better Homes & Gardens, Image from 2andaHalf

Do you have a favorite recipe for potpourri to share? If so, comment us with it!


  1. Thanks for highlighting my Autumn in a Jar Potpourri. I’ve loved simmering this on my stove the past couple weeks and, I kid you not, every person who has stopped by my house has commented on the lovely aroma. Even though it’s 104 degrees outside, it’s fall inside. 😉

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