Gasp!!! Fruit Flies: How To Eliminate Them & Prevent Them In the Future

English: Fruit bowl - containing pomegranate, ...

The reality is fruit flies can occur in clean and tidy homes. Especially if you store fruit in a fruit bowl out on the counter! Which is such a shame, because really fruit adds a nice touch to any kitchen decor. If for some reason little pesky fruit flies have appeared in your kitchen take these steps to eliminate and prevent them (without using pesticides or harmful sprays of course).

  1. Remove any fruit or veggies that are stored on the counter and place them in the fridge. We know that culinary experts say to not refrigerate fruit, but in this case sanitation takes precedence. Once the flies are gone, fight the urge to bring the fruit back out. If you must use it as decoration, pull it out and place it on the counter right before company arrives, and put it away promptly after they depart.
  2. Make sure all garbage is in a trash can or compost bin with a lid that seals completely. It’s best if these can be stored outside of the home (in a garage) or even under the kitchen sink.
  3. Give your counters and any utensils or appliances stored on the counter a thorough cleaning. This will remove any sticky residue or sweet juice that could be attracting the flies.
  4. Kill some fruit flies.The time has come to put your war face on and battle the flies. Here are a few recipes for killing them without spray. Choose whichever tickles your fancy.
    1. Give them a good old fashioned smooshing. Release some frustration and smoosh as many flies as you can with your hand, a newspaper, a fly swatter… just try not to break anything :).
    2. Combine apple cider vinegar and basil in a saucer and leave it on the counter near the source of the flies before you go to bed. The fruit flies will be attracted to the mixture and sadly fall in and drown. Discard the bowl in the AM and repeat as necessary.
    3. Pour red wine into a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Poke tiny holes in the plastic and leave the bowl near the source of the flies during the day. They will be attracted to the scent and crawl into the hole, becoming trapped and ultimately meeting a boozy demise.
  5. Wipe down the sink after every use and check for any leaky faucets. It is important to keep moisture to a minimum to discourage fruit flies.
  6. Rinse all juice cups and containers before leaving them in the sink. Heck, just rinse and place them in the dishwasher, it will keep the flies away and keep your kitchen looking tidy.

Do you have any tricks to share for keeping fruit flies at bay?


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