Reclaim Your Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry: 4 Steps To Organization

Pantry Commentary

Pantry Commentary (Photo credit: aMichiganMom)

Do you feel a little stressed when you open up a cabinet in your kitchen and boxes or cans tumble out? When you are trying to put dinner together do you spend 5 minutes looking for the one spice you swore you bought a week ago? Getting kitchen pantries and cabinets organized can seem like a daunting task, but once you do it, cooking and sharing a meal with your family will become so much simpler! We’ve got some tips to help you get to kitchen bliss!

  1. Declutter the pantry.To tackle the kitchen clutter and regain some sanity start by decluttering every cabinet and the pantry. It really is best to tackle this step in one sitting so that when you go to put back food you are keeping you can arrange it just one time.
    1. Take everything out of the cabinets and the pantry and put it on your counter or kitchen table so you can see it.
    2. Clean out your cabinets and pantry with a damp rag to remove dust and food debris. Start from the top of the cabinet or pantry and work your way down.
    3. Identify what stays in the pantry and what goes using these questions:
      1. Has it expired? If yes, toss it.
      2. Do I use it? If no, toss it, or if it is unopened donate it to a food bank!
      3. Do I like it? If no, toss it, or if it is unopened donate it!
    4. To combat kitchen clutter in the future avoid buying junk food and create a meal plan and grocery list ahead of time so you avoid impulse buys. If someone gifts you a basket full of culinary treats, bake them and give them away to friends and colleagues quickly. Don’t let that stuff just take up space in your cabinets!
  2. Arrange items in your pantry logically. Once you have sorted all the food, it is time to put it all back away, and in a way that is easy to get to. Follow these general rules to make it a cinch:
    1. Arrange items by group, then by size. Keep like items together—for instance these would be logical groups: grains, beans, cans of veggies, cans of soup, spice jars, snack foods, vinegars & oils.
    2. Once you have groups of items sorted place the items you use most frequently in the most easily accessible spots. Generally it’s good to keep bulk items lower (they are heavier) and snack items up higher (they are lighter).
  3. Choose storage solutions that work for your space and your budget. If you are tight on space and need to buy organizers for your pantry or cabinets try looking for affordable options at your local thrift store or even the dollar store. We’ve seen adorable cabinet organization that people have done with dollar store jars and containers. Clear glass containers work well for beans and grains. You can even buy or make labels to keep jars clearly marked. Organizing bags of snack food in wicker baskets or clear storage bins can be useful for keeping them contained and still accessible.
  4. Keep it organized. Once you have taken the time to reclaim your cabinets and pantry maintain it. Make a plan to clear out kitchen cabinet clutter once a month or every other month when you give your kitchen a deep clean. Develop a menu planning system and go to the store with a list (and stick to the list)—this prevents impulse buys that quickly add up.

Do you have any tips for organizing cabinets or pantries? Any storage solutions that work well for your family? Share them with our readers!


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