3 Resources for Greener Cleaning

This week at Perfect Shine we wanted to share three of our favorite resources (other than our blog of course) for keeping your home and family clean and organized without using harsh chemicals or harming the environment.

  1. Environmental Working Group’s (EWG’s) Guide to Healthy Cleaning – this is a great resource for seeing which products are safe to use in your home and which ones you should avoid. The EWG assesses the toxicity of ingredients in a variety of cleaners, giving many products you see at the score a grade to make it easy to shop for eco-friendly options. They also provide a lot of information on which chemicals to avoid and why. Check this great tool out, they just updated a lot of products so see if your cleaners make the grade!
  2. Green America – we love some of the articles and information that they post. Especially this one on how to choose a truly green “dry cleaner.” In this article Green America explains all the chemicals involved in dry cleaning (and the health and environmental risks) and tell you which questions to ask when you drop off your clothes.
  3. National Geographic’s Green Guide – another great resource that provides information, articles, quizzes, and buying guides to help you make more sustainable decisions at home, when traveling, or when buying food. This is a great starting place if you aren’t sure where to begin or how to begin making a transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

These are just 3 great resources, but we know there are so many others out there. Which online resources are your favorite for learning about sustainability and sustainable living? Share them with our readers!


  1. Thanks for sharing! These are great resources!

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