Product Review: Simplehuman Rectangular Recycler

simplehuman Classic Rectangular Recycler

Today we are reviewing a recent kitchen splurge, the Simplehuman Rectangular Recycler. This state of the art trash can is equipped with two inner color coded buckets (one black 30L bucket, and one blue 16L bucket) that keep trash and recyclables organized in one sleek container. Our family generates a lot more recycling than waste so we suggest swapping the purpose of the buckets. Use blue for trash and the larger black bucket for recycling! For $155 (after a 20% discount and tax) at Bed Bath & Beyond, this trash can is a definite splurge. But it comes with a 10-year warranty, prevents odor, and looks fantastic. It has built in wheels, a place to hide excess bag, a silent-close lid, and is finger-print proof (great when you have a lot of little hands). Sometimes it’s better to invest in quality rather than buy a bunch of cheap trash cans that have to be replaced. So far we are impressed with the simplehuman recycler, and if you can budget it, we recommend using it to keep your kitchen tidy and stylish.

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