Sustainable Cookware: Pans That Are Good For You & The Environment!

Today we wanted to share a product find… We were looking into sustainable cookware options, wondering what were the best materials, who manufactured in the USA, what would last the longest, and which companies were worth supporting. First we will share some of our background findings on what to look for in “greener” or more sustainable cookware.

Sustainable Cookware Recommendations:

  • Opt for Stainless Steel or Cast Iron. These two materials are free of toxic chemicals found in the nonstick coating on many pans available today. They are also extremely durable, cast iron pans and skillets are often past down through generations of family members. And if your stainless steel pots aren’t usable anymore for cooking they are more easily recycled.
  • Try to Buy Goods Made in the USA. This is tricky sometimes, but supporting local or at least US based business is important for economic and social sustainability. This usually means a little higher price tag, but that is because you can rest assured that workers are earning a fair wage! It also means that the products aren’t shipped as far, reducing their transportation carbon footprint.
  • Support businesses that minimize environmental impacts during manufacturing & shipping. There is a lot of energy and resource use that goes into crafting cookware. Look for companies that use renewable energy, carbon offsets, or ethically mined materials when possible.

The Environmental Working Group has a nice summary on purchasing safe cookware that you can read here.

Brands of Sustainable Cookware: 

So we found a few brands of pans that hit our recommendations above: Cuisinart Green Gourmet, ManPans (hehe), and 360 Cookware! These are a little on the pricey side, but both options boast lifetime warranties. Meaning cookware could be a one time investment for your family (pretty sweet!).

  • Cuisinart Green Gourmet. Cuisinart is a company known for quality in the kitchen. Their Green Gourmet line features an eco-friendly ceramic coating. It has an eco-friendly stainless steel handle made from 70% recycled materials and also features recycled packaging with soy ink. It is oven and broiler safe, and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can pick up a 12 piece set for $249, not too shabby!
  • ManPans. Besides a hilarious name, this cookware company features a complete line of dark anodized aluminum cookware and bakeware finished with an eco-friendly coating. They manufacture, anodize and finish all their pans in one US location, reducing carbon emissions. Their finishing technology also contains no petroleum products, no PFE or PFOA, is water based and completely non-reactive! In fact if the coating on their pans wears out or diminishes they will recoat it! Their materials transfer heat super efficiently, meaning you can turn down the heat and save money on energy. The last awesome advantage of ManPans is their CoolGrip handles which keeps the pan hot and your hand comfortable. An 8-piece kitchen cookware set will set you back $346, not too bad if you never have to buy another pan again right?
  • 360 Cookware. This company crafts their stainless steel pans in the USA using 100% renewable energy from wind, solar, and water power and uses greener packaging to sell and ship their products in. Aside from a lifetime warranty, 360 Cookware features ergonomic, stay-cool handles, and vapor technology to cook food faster & more evenly with less energy. The vapor cook technology also eliminates the need for fats and oils, so your food is healthier too! Less energy use translates to more money in your pocket! A 6 piece set will set you back $449, which is a bit heftier of a price tag. But it is made with renewable energy and guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Have you come across a good brand of sustainable cookware? If so share with us!


  1. I agree because I got a couple of stainless steel containers because plastic is no good ; thanks for bringing these alternatives to light :))

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