Get Your House Ready For Thanksgiving: 3 Days, & Under 3 Hours To A Clean Home!

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Thanksgiving is only a week away, and there is still so much to do—between shopping, cooking, and oh the cleaning! But, don’t freak out, Perfect Shine is here to help! Of course you could always eliminate one of these holiday tasks by calling us or another local cleaner to get your house nice and tidy. But if that doesn’t fit in your budget we have a game plan for you to tackle cleaning your home in the days leading up to Turkey Day! Total time to a clean home: less than 3 hours!

Tuesday: 2 Days Till Turkey Day (Total Time = 75 minutes or less)

  • Declutter Part I. Take a box and walk around each room collecting misplaced items to put away later (10 minutes).
  • Dust. Give your living room, dining room, hallways, dens (basically any room guests will see) a good dusting (15 minutes).
  • Vacuum/Sweep/Mop. After you have dusted, vacuum or sweep/mop all the floors in the living room, dining room, hallways, etc. (20 minutes).
  • Bathrooms. Time to tackle the bathrooms your guests may use. Start by tidying up: put away misplaced items, fold towels, etc. Then sprinkle some cleaner into the toilet bowl and close the lid. Wipe down the mirror, sink, exposed shelving, and cabinets with an all purpose cleaner. After cleaning the hard surfaces sweep the floor. Scrub the toilet with a brush and wipe the seat/exterior of the bowl with a rag and all purpose cleaner. Then mop the floor (10-20 minutes depending on how many bathrooms).
  • Declutter Part II. Remember that box of stuff you gathered earlier… carry it around the house and put things back in their proper place. Or better yet, enlist one of your kids or your spouse to do it (~10 minutes).

Wednesday: 1 Day Till Turkey Day (Total Time = 45 minutes)

  • Kitchen. Yes we know you will be cooking tomorrow, but it is a good idea to spend some time tidying up the kitchen before the cooking begins. Follow our guide to get your kitchen clean in 15 minutes (click here). Do this routine before you get ahead on preparing food for tomorrow. After you complete any prep cooking for tomorrow spend another 15 minutes tidying up (~30 minutes if cleaning twice).
  • Bedrooms. If you want to show your guests the rest of your house, follow our guide for speed cleaning your bedroom in 15 minutes (click here). Each member of the family can clean their room this way (15 minutes).

Thursday: It’s Turkey Day! (Total Time = 30 minutes)

  • Touchup the house. The hard work (in terms of cleaning) has already been done. At this point move from room to room tidying up where necessary. This might mean making a bed, giving the bathroom sinks/counters a quick wipe down, or sweeping up an entranceway (15 minutes).
  • Kitchen. Try to maintain the kitchen as you are cooking, this will save you serious time. But you can also get it pretty clean in 15 minutes following our guide that you can see here!

There you have it, a clean home for Thanksgiving in less than three hours spread over three days! Totally doable, and the whole thing will go by even quicker if you can enlist the help of your children or spouse. Breathe easy, now all you have to think about is how to keep the turkey moist!

Do you usually host holiday gatherings at your house? How do you prepare?

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