Give The Gift of Clean This Year!

cleaning windows

cleaning windows (Photo credit: Martin Pulaski)

Not sure what to get the person on your list that has EVERYTHING for the holidays this year? Why not give the gift of a clean and organized home? It might sound a little strange or presumptuous to give someone a professional (or personal) housecleaning, but really it’s super thoughtful. You are giving the gift of relaxation, calm, and freeing up time for the recipient to do more important and more enjoyable things! Not to mention you can use the opportunity to support small business! There are so many ways to give the gift of clean no matter your budget—tight to lavish, nor your experience—from DIY to professional.

The Professional Gift of Clean

If you want to go the professional route you have a lot of options. We recommend finding a local housekeeping company (with positive Yelp reviews) near you that uses green cleaning practices. You could buy a gift certificate for a single (or multiple cleanings) and even schedule a consultation for your friend or family member. Give the certificate with a handmade card for a personal touch and emphasize that your gift is to remove stress and free up some time for the recipient. Another great option would be to include the certificate with a basket or box full of relaxation goodies: candles, their favorite tea, a gift certificate to the spa, tickets to the movies, etc. This would make a great gift for new parents too, especially if you offer to baby sit!

The Handmade DIY Gift of Clean

Prefer to add a more personal touch to your gift of clean, or maybe hiring a professional cleaner is outside your budget? Why not hand-make a card or coupon that entitles your friend to a de-cluttering session, house (or room) cleaning, or even a routine cleaning completed by you? The only cost is the materials to make the card and your time. If you want to amp up your gift you could include a basket with natural cleaning supplies and a book of natural cleaning recipes. Who would pass on a clean and tidy home or an organized closet?

What are your thoughts? Would you give someone the gift of clean this year? Would you want the gift of clean?

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