Wishing You A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our readers, customers, friends, and family out there! Thank you for tuning in to read our tips for getting your home in top shape year round and during the holidays. We wanted to take the opportunity to encourage you to be “light” today. The day can be slow-paced and easy-going, or it can be jam-packed with gift opening, visiting 3 different households, eating 3 different dinners, and general chaos. The dog may get into a gift, your house might not be clean, the pie might get a little burnt, someone may not react to your gift the way you intended, or you may have gotten pink fuzzy bunny pajamas. We are encouraging you to let it go, and embrace the imperfection that is the holidays. We strive so hard to be perfect and have the perfect meal and give the perfect gift. But the holidays are never completely perfect, and we think that is okay. As long as you remember to smile, laugh, and love those around you, the imperfections really can be perfect! Merry Christmas from Perfect Shine Housekeeping!

What holiday disasters have you had, and were you able to laugh it off?


  1. How true. No matter how well I plan something will go wrong. This year it was a quick rearrangement of the apartment to accommodate a huge slide which arrived as a gift for my youngest grand child. Then I was told at the last minute my son invited his best friend (who had lived with us for a while when younger) and his family. Now I had three young children and 6 adults to feed and entertain in my studio apartment. The place looked like a wreck within a few minutes of gifts being opened and children playing, but we couldn’t have been happier or had more fun than we did. No one cared about the mess or the makeshift seating arrangements.

    • We are so happy that you and your family were able to focus on the positive and have such a beautiful Christmas together! It’s fantastic you were able to fit so much joy in a small cozy space! The more the merrier, even if it means unconventional seating 🙂

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