Happy New Year! Reflecting On The Best Of 2012!

Image from Mashable.

Happy New Year to all of you! What a great year it’s been at Perfect Shine Housekeeping, and we are so excited for 2013! Today we wanted to keep it simple and reflect back on what has been great both on our blog and in our work in the Bay Area.

Top 3 Posts for 2012:

  1. DIY Liquid Dish Soap – A simple recipe for homemade dish soap.
  2. Green Spring Cleaning: Windows & Mirrors – Great tutorial and recipe that will have your mirrors and glass surfaces shining.
  3. Decluttering Tips: A Collection of the Best Advice – We gathered up the best advice from around the web to help you tackle clutter in your home!

The #1 Reason We Loved Working in the Bay in 2012:

California is beautiful and so are the people. There isn’t much to add to this, if you haven’t been to California, especially the Bay Area it is worth a visit. We love the families we work with, and we love bringing calm and cleanliness into people’s lives.

What was great about 2012 for you? And what are you excited for in 2013?


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