3 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Cleaner

Image from Hospitality and Travel News

2013 has begun and so has the journey to keep our New Year’s resolutions! Whether you resolved to workout more, spend more time with the people you love, or take up a new hobby, keeping those resolutions takes time. Your time is valuable so spend it wisely. We spoke with some of our customers, friends, and families about why they did and did not use a housekeeping service. Most of the time the reasons against housekeeping involved the expense, the uneasy feeling of “strangers” in their home, or even embarrassment over what their place looked like! We think these are completely legitimate fears and reservations. But we also heard a lot of great reasons people had for hiring a housekeeper.

  • Hiring a cleaner frees up your time so you can do what you love. By far the biggest reason families and friends hired someone to help keep their home in shape was to create more time. Removing the stress and burden of cleaning your home even on a monthly basis can create dozens of hours of free time for you to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions.
  • Hiring professionals make sure the job is done right (and efficiently).  Professionals (generally) know what they are doing. They’ve been cleaning for years and know the tips and tricks for getting a place spotless in no time flat. And maybe if you make friends with your cleaner they will share some tips with you for those in-between cleans!
  • It can fit into most budgets. Contrary to popular belief hiring someone to clean your home does not have to cost a small fortune. There are so many options out there that finding someone to lend you a hand is reasonable for many households. You can usually save money using independent house cleaners (but you assume some risk when they aren’t insured) and even many insured cleaning businesses are competitively priced. Basic bi-weekly or monthly cleaning can be as low as $50/clean! It is dependent on the size of your space and the degree of work. Another cost-saving option would be to hire your kids to do it. Give a teen an opportunity to earn some money, just be sure you do a walk through with them to outline the cleaning expectations!

So whether you are hiring a professional, independent, or amateur house cleaner (your kids) we think the benefits of hiring help outweigh the costs! What do you think? Have you hired a housekeeper before, and did you think it was worth it?

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