DIY Repurposed Sachet

DIY Repurposed Sachets - Image by Jacqualyn Blizzard.

DIY Repurposed Sachets – Image by Jacqualyn Blizzard.

Happy Friday everyone! As you may have noticed we didn’t post on our usual Tuesday or Thursday this week. We are making some changes that we think will make it easier for you to tune in for green cleaning and homemaking tips/advice. We will keep our posts to once a week, and post on Fridays. That way the recipes and tips are fresh in your mind for you the weekend… when you might actually have time to try them!

Today we’ve got a super simple and eco-friendly tutorial to share with you! Ever wonder what you can do with old tights or stockings? Well there are a lot of different things you can create: headbands, hair ties, laundry bags, necklaces, bracelets. But this weekend with super simple supplies we created adorable and fresh smelling sachets!

All you need to do is gather some supplies…


  • Old tights or stockings
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string (optional)
  • Dried lavender or fragrant flower/herb of choice


  1. Take the tights or stockings and cut about 4-5 inches above the footie part (not stretched out just laying flat).
  2. Take a couple of tablespoons of dried lavender/flower/herb and place inside the small footie you just made.
  3. Stuff it down and form a little ball, then knot the footie closed so that none of the lavender can fall out.
  4. If you are using ribbon or string to jazz it up, tie a bow around the knot.
  5. Stuff your eco-friendly sachet in your sock or underwear drawer and feel calm every time you open it up!

It is such a simple project, but very rewarding to find a new life for old stuff. How do you try to repurpose in your home?

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