Throw A Green Cleaning Party!

Image & Green Cleaning Party Kit from Women’s Voices For Earth

The other day we stumbled over a fantastic resource and idea: Green Cleaning Parties! Women’s Voices For The Earth is a non-profit organization looking to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals that are detrimental to women’s health. So they created a fabulous and free kit to help you and your friends throw a green cleaning party.

The kit comes with:

  • Recipe cards for 6 different cleaners
  • Labels to attach to jars or bottles
  • Supply list
  • Suggested party agenda
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Background on chemicals in commercial cleaners and health impacts
  • Information to take action to call companies and legislators to ask them to remove harmful chemicals
  • Downloadable educational DVD

Maybe turn it into an eco-friendly girls’ night with your favorite sustainable wine or drink! It sounds a little unconventional but we promise it will be fun, good for your health, and the environment.

To download the free kit visit their website or click the image above! Have a beautifully green and clean weekend!

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