DIY Air Freshening Mist

Perfect Shine Housekeeping

This weekend give your house a fragrance boost with this simple and affordable air freshening mist! The best part about this DIY spray (besides saving you money) is that it’s free of toxic chemicals that are bad for your health, your home, and the environment. You can use this spray on just about any surface, however if you are using it on your skin or pets, make sure they haven’t been exposed to a lot of sun in the last 12 hours (otherwise the essential oils may be too harsh). And unlike some of the other DIY recipes out there, this one doesn’t have alcohol!


  • 1 clean 8 oz spray bottle
  • Essential oils of your choice (we like basil, lavender, vanilla, and orange for an energizing scent)
  • 8 oz of DISTILLED water


  1. Thoroughly clean the spray bottle with hot water and soap. Let it dry.
  2. For every 8 oz of water add at least 5-7 drops (total) of your favorite essential oils. If the scent isn’t strong enough slowly add more fragrance.
  3. Put the lid on the spray bottle and shake to mix before using!

Simple right? What is your favorite scent combination?

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