Product Review: Unpaper Towels from Man In The Moon Herbs on Etsy!

Lavender Unpaper Towels – $12.95/dozen available from Man In The Moon Herbs on Etsy

We love it when we can eliminate waste from our cleaning routine… and it doesn’t hurt when we can do so in style! These unpaper towels with lavender stitching were handcrafted by Gail, owner of Man In The Moon Herbs on Etsy. They are the perfect alternative to traditional paper towels if you are looking to cut back on paper waste in your home. Unpaper towels are also perfect if you are tackling tougher messes or looking to save money. Because they are so durable they won’t fall apart while you clean and will last for years—saving your family tons of money on disposable paper towels. These cute towels would also be perfect in a housewarming gift basket (spread the love of green cleaning)! You can pick up a dozen of these colorful unpaper towels for only $12.95 (bonus points for supporting small businesses). Oh and Gail carries these in many colors, so you can match them to your kitchen!

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