Makeover Your Home With Low/Zero VOC Paint: Part 2

Hey there Perfect Shine Readers! Glad that some of you appreciated the low/zero VOC primers we shared with you last week, and as promised we are going to share some of our favorite eco-friendly paints for walls, exteriors, and furniture! So aside from the obvious environmental benefits of using a “greener” paint, why else should you care about zero VOC paints? These paints have less odor and fewer (if not no) toxins, meaning you don’t need to wait to be out of your house for a weekend to paint!

Milk Paint – last week we talked about Milk Paint primers, but this week we want to let you know that their paint is also great. Yes the color selection is more limited, but there are some beautiful and natural/earthy colors to choose from. Another reason to love this product—you can use it not only on walls, but also furniture!

Milk Paint – $45.95/gallon

Benjamin Moore Natura Paint – another great and accessible option, this acrylic paint is virtually odorless and comes in a huge range of colors and finishes!

Benjamin Moore Natura Paint – $48.99/gallon

Valspar Ultra Latex Paint – a few of the reasons we love this latex-based paint: is it’s affordability and the fact that you can pick it up at your local Lowe’s! Oh and did we mention it is a paint and primer in one!!! This just makes life easier.

Valspar Ultra Paint – $29.97/gallon

What zero VOC paints have you used in your home?


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