Eco Friendly Drain Opener Alternatives

Hey there Perfect Shine readers 🙂 We hope your Friday is off to a good start. In the past we’ve shared a pretty common DIY recipe for naturally unclogging your drains… but not everybody feels like making their own cleaning products. So today we wanted to share some safe, natural, and environmentally friendly product alternatives to traditional drain openers.

Earth Enzymes – this product uses naturally occurring enzymes to “digest” solids clogging up your drains, helping to clear and maintain household drains (like those in your tub, toilet, and kitchen sink). You can pickup 2lbs of enzymes for just $9.79 online.

Earth Enzymes – $9.79 for 2lbs

Biokleen Bac- Out Drain Care – this new product from one of our favorite brands, Biokleen utilizes enzymes and live cultures to clear clogged or slow drains. You can order a bottle for just $7.49 from Vitacost!

Biokleen Bac-Out Drain Care = $7.49 from Vitacost

What are your favorite products for keeping your drains flowing quickly?


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