DIY Spot & Stain Remover Spray

Perfect Shine Housekeeping

Sometimes a spill comes up unexpectedly, and you don’t have time to whip up your own stain removing concoction… let alone look up a recipe. Fortunately you can make this spray in advance and keep a spray bottle full of it handy. This would also be awesome to put in a travel sized spray bottle and keep in the car, your purse, etc. It will remove most stains including grease from carpet, upholstery, etc. We always recommend testing this in an inconspicuous place  on your clothes first before using.


  • 1/2 cup club soda
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 8 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 3 drops wintergreen essential oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil (optional)


  1. Combine all the ingredients directly into a spray bottle or a bowl and mix well. If you are making small travel sized bottles use a bowl and transfer to your bottles with a funnel.
  2. Shake before each use. Spray directly onto the stain and blot with a clean dry cloth.
  3. Repeat if needed.

DIY Green Cleaning Kit

Happy Saturday Perfect Shine Readers 🙂 We hope you had a great week, and we thought we’d share some resources for building a green DIY cleaning kit. These ideas are perfect for newlyweds, housewarming gifts, or even just for yourself!

DIY Green Cleaning Recipe Book – This cute idea from Story 304 would be a perfect way to organize your favorite green cleaning recipes (which may include a few from us) for a friend (or yourself)!

DIY Green Cleaning Book – Tutorial & image from Story 304

DIY Unpaper Towels – In the past we’ve shared some of our favorite places to buy unpaper towels, but with this tutorial from A Blossoming Life you can do it yourself!

DIY Unpaper Towels – Image & tutorial from A Blossoming Life

Free Green Cleaning Labels – How cute are these labels from the Vinnie Pearce Blog? Perfect for your own bottles or when building a green cleaning kit for a friend!

Green Cleaning Label Printables – Image & printables from Vinnie Pearce Blog

What resources have you found for building your green cleaning arsenal?


Eco Friendly Drain Opener Alternatives

Hey there Perfect Shine readers 🙂 We hope your Friday is off to a good start. In the past we’ve shared a pretty common DIY recipe for naturally unclogging your drains… but not everybody feels like making their own cleaning products. So today we wanted to share some safe, natural, and environmentally friendly product alternatives […]

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Makeover Your Home With Low/Zero VOC Paint: Part 2

Hey there Perfect Shine Readers! Glad that some of you appreciated the low/zero VOC primers we shared with you last week, and as promised we are going to share some of our favorite eco-friendly paints for walls, exteriors, and furniture! So aside from the obvious environmental benefits of using a “greener” paint, why else should […]

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Makeover Your Home With Low/Zero VOC Paints & Primers: Part 1

Happy Friday green cleaning and living enthusiasts 🙂 The next few weeks we want to talk low and no VOC paints and primers. What better place to begin than primers? Priming is important both for painting walls and furniture… especially furniture. But often primers have a TERRIBLE odor and off-gas nasty chemicals. There are better […]

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Product Review: Method Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Ahh the weekend is here! Today we wanted to share a review of one of our favorite Bay Area-based cleaning products by Method—their all new Antibac Toilet Cleaner! All method products are fantastic, they smell amazing, use adorable packaging, and eco-friendly cleaning agents—what’s not to love? This toilet bowl cleaner disinfects and removes dirt using […]

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DIY Moisturizing Lemon Hand Soap/Scrub

  Happy Friday Perfect Shine Readers! We usually share recipes and tips for cleaning your house, your dishes, your car, etc… but sometimes we like to share some DIY recipes that give a little love back to you! Today we’ve got a recipe for moisturizing lemony hand scrub/soap. Keep a jar of this near the […]

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3 Tips for Tricky Stain Removal

Happy Friday everybody! Last week we shared a recipe for dishwashing soap, but today we want to share some tips or simple recipes for removing 3 common summertime stains: wine, grass, and mustard. Hopefully equipped with these three techniques you can attend summer BBQ’s without fear of ruining that new sundress of yours! Removing Wine […]

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DIY Dishwasher Powder

Happy Friday everybody! Hope you are as excited for Memorial Day Weekend as we are 🙂 We think you’ll love this simple DIY recipe that will have your dishes sparkling in no time! It’s perfect if you are having people over to BBQ and plan to run multiple dishwasher loads.  Rather than spend tons of […]

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Product Review: Unpaper Towels from Man In The Moon Herbs on Etsy!

We love it when we can eliminate waste from our cleaning routine… and it doesn’t hurt when we can do so in style! These unpaper towels with lavender stitching were handcrafted by Gail, owner of Man In The Moon Herbs on Etsy. They are the perfect alternative to traditional paper towels if you are looking […]

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