Clean Your Pergo Floor Naturally!

Laminate flooring

Earlier this week we shared a recipe and method for naturally cleaning your slate floors, and today we have a tested recipe for cleaning your pergo (or any laminate) floors that will minimize streakiness and leave your floors smelling great! Laminate floors like pergo are pretty popular in rentals or homes that see a lot more wear and tear (kids, pets, etc.) so we thought finding and testing a recipe specifically for these floors would benefit many a renter and busy homeowner. This recipe originated from the blog Daily Dose of Thrifty, a great blog on thrifty living!

Ingredients for Cleaner:

  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups distilled white vinegar
  • Few drops of natural liquid dish detergent or castile soap (we love Dr. Bronners!)
  • Several drops of lavender essential oil

Tools for Cleaning the Floor:

  • Dry mop (a Swiffer with a reusable mop head works great here)
  • 2 dry mop covers


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle with a fine mister. Green points for reusing a spray bottle from your old cleaners (we think Method bottles work nicely and look great).
  2. To clean your floors first remove dust and dirt by mopping it with the dry mop/swiffer sweeper.
  3. Then spray a fine layer the cleaner over a small area that you want to mop and immediately go over it with a clean dry mop (hence the need for two covers, use one to sweep/dust the floor, and another to mop).
  4. Repeat the misting and mopping pattern until your entire floor is clean!

It is important to not take on too large a section of the floor at a time, otherwise the floor will dry too quickly before you can mop leaving a residue behind. How do you clean your pergo or laminate floors?

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