Stain Sticks: The Laundry Super Hero!

Sometimes when it’s time to do laundry, stain removal becomes a huge task… especially if you have little ones. If you want to avoid harsh chemicals in conventional cleaners and liquid recipes aren’t getting the job done, why not try a stain stick? Today we’ve found a recipe with lots of tips and tricks from Frugally Sustainable for making your own stain stick. And if you don’t have time for soap making, we’ve found some options for you to buy all natural stain sticks for a pretty reasonable price.

DIY Stain Stick – this recipe is time intensive but Frugally Sustainable shares lots of tips, tricks, and resources to help you out if you are new to soap making.

DIY Stain Stick – Image & Recipe from Frugally Sustainable.

Or buy one that somebody else made by hand on Etsy!

Black Kettle Soap Stain Stick – This stain stick is only $3.50 and Arricka of Black Kettle Soap in Houston, TX uses it to fight the never ending stains her 7 kids create!

Stain Stick – Image & Product from Black Kettle Soap. $3.50 on Etsy!

We think these little sticks are excellent at fighting stubborn stains. But we are wondering, have you ever made your own soap before? If you give this a try we’d love to know the results!

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